Rise and grind

Since my previous post, even more has happened. I had since left my workplace which I loved and my city which I called home. After three years growing my skill set at Punters, going from solo dev to lead of the iOS team, I felt it was time to move on to new horizons and allow myself more room to grow and explore which path within my career I wanted to explore next.

I sold all my things, packed my bags and moved back to my home city, Perth, and lived off my savings so I can spend six weeks brushing up on Computer Science fundamentals, algorithm patterns, architecture design, domain knowledge and interviewing skills. 

I flew out to San Francisco two weeks ago and have since conducted seven onsite interviews with a few of the big tech companies: Facebook, Airbnb, Square, Apple, Lyft. Each of these interviews ranged from four to six hours long (although, one of them was only an hour long), which is probably one of the hardest things I've done in a long while, I would say organising Playgrounds was a much easier experience than this.

Having just completed my last interview yesterday, I'm still waiting to hear feedback from all the companies and hopefully, all my studying and preparation was enough to meet or exceed their standards.