Two months into the new year with Medium

So it's been just over two full months since I had set out with the goal of writing at least one blog post each week. I'm actually ecstatic to say that it has been going incredibly well!

When I first decided to start writing, I tried putting all my posts onto this website, but I was very unhappy with how Squarespace handles coding blogs. I did look into customizing my SquareSpace blog to better suit my coding blog needs but chose to go with Medium's offerings instead. Since then I have published seven posts in total.

At first I started with "easy" posts relating to iOS developer resources (Videos, podcasts and newsletters) to help me get back into writing which something I haven't done since high school. And from then on I started writing whilst teaching myself some harder topics such as Protocol Extensions, Generics which took off really well. Surprisingly the more simpler topics have been a massive success too. It's amazing how no matter what you think people may or may not like, someone is most likely going to find it interesting.

I'd also like to mention that two of my posts have been featured in what I would consider to be the two most influential newsletters. Dave Verwer's "iOS Deve Weekly" and NatashaTheRobot's "This Week In Swift".

So yeah, it's only been two months and I've already (in my opinion) made a small impact within the iOS/Swift community!

This Week In Swift #73 - Natasha links to my medium post on CGGeometry structs

iOS Dev Weekly #241 - Dave links to my medium post on Tuples