So much has happened already

Amazing things have happened since my last post, I'm finding it really hard to believe it all considering how early in the year it still is.

The biggest endorsement I can think of for my writing is that Chris Lattner, the creator of the Swift programming language, liked one of my posts so much that he tweeted it, it took me by such surprise!

What happened was, Swift 2.2 was released the day before and I spent the entire work day going through my code and removing all the cautionary Swift 3.0 deprecation warnings in my code. A few months ago I started doing this pattern to help me abstract a bunch of similar code into one spot.

The next night I decided to share my thoughts in a Medium post, and as I was writing I had an idea to extend the pattern even further. As this idea came to my head, I had to head out to dinner and when I came back I stayed up late to test it and make sure it worked (which it did) and then blog about it and post it.

The next morning I wake up to see my twitter notifications went bonkers in the night, I opened the Twitter app to see Chris's tweet about it. Seriously couldn't have been more chuffed about it.

Anyways, it got picked up by a few newsletters, most notably NatashaTheRobot's "This Week In Swift". A week later I get a direct message from her saying she's enjoyed my recent posts and if I would be interested in flying to New York City and speaking at her try! Swift Conference. Obviously I said yes! 

So yea... things are off to a great start. Bright times ahead!