2018 + Facebook

It's a new year and like a lot of other people, I have some things I want to focus on and learn this year. I've been reflecting on my career lately and I feel that I want to explore other areas of programming, but I don't want to leave the iOS and Swift community because I've become so fond of it and the people within. So instead of moving across to another programming environment or language, I thought it'd be an interesting experience to go lower. 

For roughly eight years, I've spent majority of my time writing in Objective-C and Swift, and now that I've joined Facebook, it looks like I'll be trying my hand at Objective-C++ (but more on that later). I'm curious how all this stuff works on a lower level, which is why I want to focus on compilers, LLVM, Clang, LLDB and the likes over the next year. Ideally I'd learn enough to write a blog or two about how they work and perhaps even a talk at one of the many local meetups. So yeah, that's pretty much my goals for 2018.

Also, as of today, I've graduated from Facebook's Bootcamp program for new hires and will be joining the UI Infrastructure Team. It's a team that works on problems faced when there are so many engineers working on the same projects whilst trying to maintain visual consistency throughout those projects. Basically, it’s solving UI scaling problems, which is awesome because I've always wanted to learn about how to scale projects.