What I've been up to

It's been a pretty wild ride working at Facebook. The bootcamp experience was amazing and provided me the ability to ramp up to the engineering culture, which is pretty intense (but in a good way). 

After finishing bootcamp, I chose to join the UI Infrastructure team. We work on solving UI engineering at scale, such as emojis, unused asset stripping, asset cataloging, screenshot tests and a bunch of other things. I'm fortunate to have chosen a great team of reaaally smart and kind individuals.

I joined as an iOS Engineer, but because of the kind of work my team does, I don't really touch much Objective-C these days, and I don't even write Swift at work anymore. Instead, I've been learning and writing a lot of Python. I never thought I'd be writing Python full-time, it's a really strange language (coming from Swift/Objective-C) but I'm really enjoying it. I now know how to write scripts which can be used from the Terminal! My aspirations of learning about compilers is still there, but I'm happy to put it on hold as long as I'm still learning new things at work.

Work is great, life is great, I couldn't ask for anything more.